Markus Gibb is a young French sound designer and DJ producer from Poitiers.

Very early in his childhood, Markus Gibb took music as his passion. He started to learn and play classic music but quickly switched it for rock and electronic music.

He made his first steps into rock music as a guitarist in different rock bands. But this was not good enough to satisfy his creative mind. Thus he decided to produce his own music; letting his guitar against the wall Markus Gibb started, solo, composing electronic tracks.

Fed with Techno, New Wave and Indie sauce, his music is a mix of all these musical components, always with a well-pronounced techno touch. With deep and groovy basses, strong beats and psychedelic acid sounds, Markus Gibb drags you deep into his dark and dancing universe.

His references are Ivan Smagghe, Jennifer Cardini, Marc Houle and many others…

In 2010 he settled in Montpellier. February 2012, with 3 other DJ/Producers, he created a collective called “La Biche” with only one goal in mind: make the people of Montpellier bounce to quality music.